Secure Septic Lids are Essential for Safety in Seattle

May 28, 2015  

Superior Septic Services would like to draw your attention to a preventible situation. On April 10th, 2015 King5, Seattle’s television station, ran a story that emphasized that secure septic lids are essential for safety in Seattle – or anywhere septic tanks are used.

Secure Septic Lids are Essential for Safety in Seattle

The story involves a two-year-old boy who fell into a septic tank and died as a result. His tragic death occurs thanks to a series of misadventures, all of which could have been prevented if the participants had followed best practices with septic tanks.

The property in question had six registered septic tanks, none of which had been inspected since 2009. The property had been used to house migrant farmers, and was in a state of general disrepair. The current owners purchased the property in November of 2014. They had intended to remove the buildings. Since no one was in residence, nor likely to be in residence, they did not have the septic tanks inspected – something that should have happened as part of the purchasing process.

Like old wells and cisterns, septic tanks are a potential site for accidents. Even when not in use, as demonstrated by this tragedy, children and animals can fall into these below-ground structures with disastrous results. It was noted that the local inspection agency is underfunded. Because of this, they have a hard time enforcing the necessary inspections. In instances where the installation does not impact water quality, owners are on something of an honor system.

Your compliance with the ruling that septic tanks should be inspected every three years can save lives. Secure septic lids are essential for safety in Seattle and everywhere that septic tanks are installed. They can prevent children and animals from falling into the tank. Give us a call at (425)905-2485 to schedule your safety inspection today. Our trained professionals at Superior Septic Services can help you keep your septic system properly maintained.