Septic Inspection in Arlington to Keep Your DIY Sanitation Compliant

July 26, 2017  

septic inspection in Arlington

It is a good idea to schedule regular septic inspections. Superior Septic Services can provide the necessary septic inspection in Arlington to keep your DIY sanitation compliant with state and federal regulations. That means not mincing words or cutting corners, but not exaggerating either.

While the push has been to move toward centralized sewage treatment plants, piping sewage just is not practical in many locations. When this is true, an alternative solution must be found. Septic tanks are known technology with specific parameters that give homeowners guidelines to follow. In some areas, they are a requirement – and the type of septic tank might be specified. In other areas, some people have begun to experiment with composting toilets and earth closets, as opposed to water-flush toilets. Even though these alternatives are not precisely new, they do still tend to be somewhat experimental. They can also be bulky and their operations are unfamiliar to many people. Septic tanks, on the other hand, utilize the same type of bathroom fixtures as those used in bathrooms where the drain connects to a sewer main. Moreover, decades of experience have delineated the better methods for operating a septic tank system – including the frequency of inspections, which is every three years for a gravity feed system and once yearly for elevated, pump-operated systems.


Superior Septic Services has the qualified personnel to carry out a septic inspection in Arlington, call (425)905-2485 to learn how we can help you. Our inspections are 100% honest because we want them to be a tool that you can use to keep your home sanitation system in the best possible condition, as well as a device that will meet the requirements for state and federal septic tank inspections.