Septic Service in Lake Stevens

April 8, 2014  

Septic Service in Lake StevensIs it a hassle to remember when to schedule your septic service in Lake Stevens? Was it last May or was it two years ago? Snohomish Septic Services can help you with our “Peace of Mind” Maintenance Plans. We offer four different appointments to meet a variety of different septic system needs.

During a typical septic service appointment, our technicians will locate (if you don’t already know) the septic tank lid, dig it up, open the lid, observe how full the tank is and pump the tank. When it is empty, we will check all components to be sure they are in good working order and inspect for possible leaks. If there are issues, we will address them. Then, the lid and soil are replaced.

In between scheduled maintenance and pumping, there are several signs to look for that signal a problem with your septic system. A sewage smell inside or outside the house; back-up of sewage or water in sinks, toilets or tubs or the tank alarm going off all signal an issue with the septic system and should be checked out as soon as possible.

Contact Superior Septic Services today at 425-905-2485 to discuss our Peace of Mind Maintenance Plans or to schedule a septic service appointment in Lake Stevens, WA today.