Textile Filter Septic System for Your Everett Home

August 26, 2014  

septic service in EverettWhen it comes to finding the right septic system for your home, one size does not fit all. There are a number of different systems that can be installed depending on your home size and utilities, and a properly functioning system will hinge on the initial selection of the unit you choose. Always discuss your requirements with a professional septic company, and for septic service in Everett, contact Superior Septic Services who can advise which system will be best for you.

Textile Filter Systems Overview

These septic systems are a high quality addition to any home in the Everett area. It is designed so that the waste that enters the septic system is spread over a textile material. This material then filters out the solids while much of the liquid waste winds up in the bottom of the material in a sump. A pump then sends the material out to the drainfield in much the same manner as a system that uses sand.

Benefits of a Textile Filter System

There are a number of advantages that are available when using a textile filter system that make it an ideal choice for a new home or as a replacement system.

  • One of the most beneficial aspects of this system is that replacing the textile media that is used as a filter is typically not very difficult to accomplish. If your system gets plugged, a septic company will not have to dig up the entire yard in order to replace it.
  • The waste material is constantly kept circulating. Consistent treatment is assured and the necessary biological processes are kept in working order.
  • Requires a much smaller footprint than other systems.
  • This type of system is monitored via a control panel.

While the upfront costs of a textile filter can be more than some other systems, such as those that use sand, the cost over its lifetime is often lower. For questions regarding your next septic system, or for septic service in Everett, call the pros at Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485 today.