Wintertime Septic Pumping in Lake Stevens

December 2, 2017  

septic pumping in Lake Stevens

At Superior Septic Services we prefer to do septic pumping during clement weather. Let’s face it: any outdoor activity is better when the weather is nice. But it can be done if the health of your septic tank warrants it, providing we can get the pump truck to your location. If your situation requires it, we can do wintertime septic pumping in Lake Stevens – and it could save your septic tank.

In winter, septic tanks do best with a constant input of warm water sometimes during the day, but not too much water. The warmth from water used in taking showers, doing dishes or laundry keeps the bacteria in the tank warm and cozy so they are doing their job. If you have a plumbing leak, drippy faucet or excessive usage (like that big crowd for the holidays), it can cause problems. If the tank overflows, creates excessive use of the leach field, or the pump (for above ground tanks) gives out, your septic tank could freeze. Freezing water expands, and that’s not good for plumbing of any kind, but especially not for septic tanks. Pumping an overly full tank before it gets a chance to freeze, then inoculating it with an approved additive (we have some – ask us), can keep your septic operating happily through the cold season. If you must be away from your septic tank – as might happen if it is a vacation home – winterize your entire plumbing system and get the tank pumped.

Superior Septic Services can do wintertime septic pumping in Lake Stevens, call us at (425)905-2485 to learn more. Ask us about winterizing your home sanitation system, we are always glad to help. We are also happy to discuss regular maintenance to avoid that emergency pumping.