Your Need for Septic Inspection in Marysville

November 12, 2015  

Superior Septic services can help with your need for septic inspection in Marysville. In many ways, septic tanks are a big improvement over the human waste sanitation methods that came before them. But they still are not perfect.

Septic Inspection in Marysville

Maintaining your septic tank properly includes a septic inspection at least once every three years. The inspector will check to make sure that the right amount of scum is forming on top of the liquid in the tank, that the tank is not filling up with solids and that the lines to the leach field are not blocked. He or she will also look for signs that the tank is becoming unsound with age. But modern waste treatment science and the state of our lakes and rivers in many areas of the United States might indicate a need for one more thing to happen in your home waste treatment plant: denitrification. This is the process that keeps excess nitrogen from making its way to lakes, rivers or the ocean. When too much nitrogen builds up, it causes algae blooms that choke other marine life and shade the water and soil beneath them. The fish and other aquatic life will then either leave or die. Denitrification processes include filtering or introducing beneficial bacteria (in addition to the ones that already live in your septic tank) to gobble up the nitrogen and turn it into a less harmful form. Ask your Superior Septic inspector about things you can do to reduce your contribution to nitrogen entering groundwater.

Superior Septic is always happy to set up a time for your septic inspection in Marysville. Just give us a call at (425)905-2485 and we will be glad to give your septic tank a thorough going over. We will also be happy to discuss with you any needed repairs or new and exciting improvements that are available.