Your Winter Septic Service in Arlington

December 2, 2015  

Superior Septic Service would like to remind our customers and other people in our service area – which is all of Snohomish County – that it is not yet too late to take care of your winter septic service in Arlington. This might sound a little crazy, but did you know that you might need to winterize your onsite septic system as well as your other plumbing?

Septic Service in Arlington

Septic tanks that are in good repair usually keep themselves warm through a combination of factors. The water coming from your home is usually reasonably warm – especially when it includes warm water from showers, doing dishes and doing laundry. In addition, the bacteriological activity inside the tank generates a modest amount of heat. A well-behaved septic system might experience a little slow-down in the bacteria colony but otherwise should make it through the winter in reasonable condition. However, if a pipe sags and allows water to pool on its way to the tank, that can cause the pipe to freeze. If the home is left empty for more than a week, that limits the amount of warm water that goes into the tank. And finally, if the caps for vent pipes or the lid to the septic tank itself are broken that can let cold air into the tank. You can also help insulate your septic tank and the pipes that run to it by placing a layer of straw or sod over them.

Snohomish County doesn’t have the kind of freezing problems that might be found in Minnesota, for example. But give Snohomish Septic a call at (425)905-2485 if it is time for your winter septic service in Arlington. Prevention is so much easier than trying to thaw out a frozen septic system.