Don’t Forget your Septic Service in Snohomish

February 25, 2016  

Superior Septic reminds residents don’t forget your septic service in Snohomish. Septic tanks are one of those homely household appliances that only get attention when they fail to work. Recently they have come under scrutiny – for a lot of reasons. We want to make sure that yours is working properly.

Septic Service in Snohomish

In Germany, a new kind of in-home septic treatment process has been developed. Ralf-Peter Busse, Ingo Schaeffer and Anja Busse hold the patent for this new process. It combines the holding tank concept with which septic tank owners will be familiar with a fine-screen filtration system. The system is much smaller than the traditional home septic system, and considerably more efficient because it filters out impurities before they are released back into the world at large. The drawback? It is also considerably more expensive than your traditional septic system. The upside is, thanks to its small size, it could be ideal for areas where traditional septic concepts simply do not work. One reviewer noted that it might be ideal for houseboats or ships. The system definitely meets most water/waste regulations, and units have been installed several places in the United States.

However, Superior Septic still reminds residents don’t forget your septic service in Snohomish. We can help with your traditional septic tank situation – just call us at (425)905-2485 and we will have someone there as soon as possible. Even those new systems have their troubles – apparently clogged filters are the biggest issue to date. We want to keep your home septic system quietly doing its job the way it should – without a sound, a scent and definitely without endangering anyone or anything. Our courteous staff and technicians are ready to help – just give us the word.