Time for Septic Services in Everett

August 10, 2016  

Time for Septic Services in Everett

When is the last time you had your septic serviced? If you can’t recall, it may be time for your septic services in Everett. Without regular maintenance, you could end up with a larger problem on your hands than you started with. Don’t worry, our seasoned professionals have you covered.

Summer is a time when children like to cut across vacant lots and people of all ages like to get out-of-doors and walk their dogs. An unused or untended septic tank can become an unexpected hazard – particularly the large ones. One that has been used recently enough to still have a full load of effluent and gases can be deadly within moments. Older, empty tanks can become a pit-trap without an exit. Septic service includes inspecting your septic tank and creating an estimate for any needed work on the system. Frequent inspections and responsible repairs can prevent your home sanitary facility from becoming a hazard. It will also keep it working the way it is supposed to work – carrying wastes away from your home, and processing them in a way that will protect the environment. So make responsible septic services part of your summer home maintenance program.

If you think it is time for your septic services in Everett, or if you need advice on how often you should have your septic serviced and to what extent, give us a call at (425)905-2485 to schedule an assessment of your situation and subsequent scheduling of any needed work. Our years of experience have let us see all of the possibleseptic issues there can be! Let us help you with your septic services today.