We Encourage Septic Repair in Everett

May 21, 2016  

We Encourage Septic Repair in EverettAt Superior Septic Services we know how busy spring can be, but we encourage septic repair in Everett. we know that a failed septic system can create difficulties ranging from backed up drains to tragedy. Timely repair can not only save you time and convenience, it can even save lives.

Old, broken septic tanks are usually the ones that make the news, but they aren’t the only ones. According to Fox News, in Pasco, Washington, and three-year-old child survived a fall into a septic tank. The youngster was fortunate because the tank was new one – just recently installed. However, installers and home-owners alike should be cautious about securing access to new installations. Another family experienced a tragic event. Methane gas caught fire in the septic tank. The tank exploded, destroying their modular home. The family escaped with their lives, but were reduced to living in tents in their former backyard. They had no insurance and were having to deal with rebuilding on their own. At last report, DHS was considering paying first and last rent on an apartment for them.

At Superior Septic Services, we encourage septic repair in Everett; if you are seeing signs that your home septic system is misbehaving, call us at (425)905-2485 for consultation. When installing a septic tank, consult professionals. The methane that caused the explosion was set off by a heat source that was much too close to the tank; this is an example of what can happen with an improperly installed tank. Regular inspections are required for septic tanks and appropriate maintenance – including making sure that lids are secure and that the tank itself is undamaged can go a long way toward creating a safe situation for your family and neighbors.